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Selected publications by members of the CISM are given below. If you are unable to obtain a copy from your library or the Internet, you may contact us by emailing

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4. Evolutionary topology optimization of continuum structures.jpg
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8. Simple cubic three dimensional auxeti
10. Underground excavation shape optimiz
12. Design of fishnet metamaterials with
14. Concurrent topology optimization of
17. Conceptual design of buildings subje


Improving cracking and drying shrinkage properties of cement mortar by adding chemically treated luffa fibres

Y Tong, S Zhao, J Ma, L Wang, Y Zhang, Y Gao, YM Xie

Construction and Building Materials 71, 327-333     , 2014


Topology optimization of compliant mechanisms with desired structural stiffness

X Huang, Y Li, SW Zhou, YM Xie

Engineering Structures 79, 13-21, 2014

Designing orthotropic materials for negative or zero compressibility

YM Xie, X Yang, J Shen, X Yan, A Ghaedizadeh, J Rong, X Huang, S Zhou

International Journal of Solids and Structures 51 (23-24), 4038-4051, 2014

Evolutionary topology optimization of continuum structures with a global displacement control

ZH Zuo, YM Xie

Computer-Aided Design 56, 58-67, 2014

Towards ultra-stiff materials: surface effects on nanoporous materials

D Lu, YM Xie, Q Li, X Huang, S Zhou

Applied Physics Letters 105 (10), 101903, 2014

Evolutionary topology optimization of hinge-free compliant mechanisms

Y Li, X Huang, YM Xie, SW Zhou

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 86, 69-75, 2014




Topological design of microstructures of multi-phase materials for maximum stiffness or thermal conductivity

A Radman, X Huang, YM Xie

Computational Materials Science 91, 266-273, 2014




Simple cubic three‐dimensional auxetic metamaterials

J Shen, S Zhou, X Huang, YM Xie

Physica Status Solidi (b) 251 (8), 1515-1522, 2014




Water-responsive rapid recovery of natural cellular material

J Shen, YM Xie, S Zhou, X Huang, D Ruan

Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 34, 283-293, 2014




Underground excavation shape optimization considering material nonlinearities

G Ren, ZH Zuo, YM Xie, JV Smith

Computers and Geotechnics 58, 81-87, 2014




Application of topological optimisation technology to bridge design

YM Xie, ZH Zuo, X Huang, T Black, P Felicetti

Structural Engineering International 24 (2), 185-191, 2014




Design of fishnet metamaterials with broadband negative refractive index in the visible spectrum

S Zhou, S Townsend, YM Xie, X Huang, J Shen, Q Li

Optics Letters 39 (8), 2415-2418, 2014




Computational simulations of bone remodeling under natural mechanical loading or muscle malfunction using evolutionary structural optimization method

H Latifi, YM Xie, X Huang, M Bilgen

Engineering 6, 113-126, 2014




Concurrent topology optimization of structures and their composite microstructures

X Yan, X Huang, Y Zha, YM Xie

Computers & Structures 133, 103-110, 2014




Maximizing the effective stiffness of laminate composite materials

ZH Zuo, YM Xie

Computational Materials Science 83, 57-63, 2014




Maximizing stiffness of functionally graded materials with prescribed variation of thermal conductivity

A Radman, X Huang, YM Xie

Computational Materials Science 82, 457-463, 2014




Conceptual design of buildings subjected to wind load by using topology optimization

J Tang, YM Xie, P Felicetti

Wind and Structures 18 (1), 21-35, 2014

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