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Selected publications by members of the CISM are given below. If you are unable to obtain a copy from your library or the Internet, you may contact us by emailing

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Topology optimization of 3D continuum structures under geometric self-supporting constraint

M Bi, P Tran, YM Xie

Additive Manufacturing 36, 101422, 2020

A new approach to eliminating enclosed voids in topology optimization for additive manufacturing

Y Xiong, S Yao, ZL Zhao, YM Xie

Additive Manufacturing 32, 101006, 2020




Morphological optimization of scorpion telson

ZL Zhao, S Zhou, XQ Feng, YM Xie

Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 135, 103773, 2020




Stochastic approaches to generating diverse and competitive structural designs in topology optimization

Y He, K Cai, ZL Zhao, YM Xie

Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 173, 103399, 2020




Inspiration from Nature's body armours: A review of biological and bioinspired composites

A Ghazlan, T Ngo, P Tan, YM Xie, P Tran, M Donough

Composites Part B: Engineering, 108513, 2020




On the interaction of biological and mechanical factors in leaf vein formation

S Lin, L Chen, M Zhang, YM Xie, XD Huang, SW Zhou

Advances in Engineering Software 149, 102905, 2020




Topological optimization of continuum structures for additive manufacturing considering thin feature and support structure constraints

B Xu, Y Han, L Zhao, YM Xie

Engineering Optimization, 2020




A novel non-planar interlocking element for tubular structures

W Xu, X Lin, YM Xie

Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 103, 103503, 2020




A computational investigation into the impact resistance of a precise finite element model derived from micro-CT data of a woodpecker's head

Z Zhang, YM Xie, Q Li, Z Chen, S Zhou

Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 112, 104107, 2020




Novel use of calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement for treating problematic soils

J Pooni, D Robert, F Giustozzi, S Setunge, YM Xie, J Xia

Construction and Building Materials 260, 120433, 2020




A reaction–diffusion based level set method for image segmentation in three dimensions

Z Zhang, YM Xie, Q Li, S Zhou

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 96, 103998, 2020




Piezoelectric Properties of Triply Periodic Minimum Surface Structures

H Xu, YM Xie, R Chan, S Zhou

Composites Science and Technology, 108417, 2020




A comparison of fast Fourier transform-based homogenization method to asymptotic homogenization method

Z Chen, YM Xie, Z Wang, Q Li, X Wu, S Zhou

Composite Structures 238, 111979, 2020




The robust fail-safe topological designs based on the von Mises stress

H Wang, J Liu, G Wen, YM Xie

Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 171, 103376, 2020




An innovative and inexpensive experimental setup for testing connections in gridshell structures

H Seifi, AR Javan, X Lin, YM Xie

Engineering Structures 207, 110257, 2020




Re-entrant Auxetic Lattices with Enhanced Stiffness: A Numerical Study

Z Chen, X Wu, YM Xie, Z Wang, S Zhou

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 105619, 2020




Anisotropic design and optimization of conformal gradient lattice structures

D Li, W Liao, N Dai, YM Xie

Computer-Aided Design 119, 102787, 2020




Mechanical behaviour of composite structures made of topologically interlocking concrete bricks with soft interfaces

AR Javan, H Seifi, X Lin, YM Xie

Materials & Design 186, 108347, 2020




A direct approach to controlling the topology in structural optimization

ZL Zhao, S Zhou, K Cai, YM Xie

Computers & Structures 227, 106141, 2020



Bioinspired generative architectural design form-finding and advanced robotic fabrication based on structural performance

DW Bao, X Yan, R Snooks, YM Xie

Architectural Intelligence: Selected Papers from the 1st International Conference on Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication (CDRF 2019), 2020




Static and dynamic properties of pre-twisted leaves and stalks with varying chiral morphologies

ZL Zhao, S Zhou, XQ Feng, YM Xie

Extreme Mechanics Letters 34, 100612, 2020

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