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The Centre for Innovative Structures and Materials (CISM) is led by Yi Min 'Mike' Xie who is a Distinguished Professor at RMIT University and an internationally renowned expert in the computational design of structures.

Members of the CISM have conducted pioneering work on the theoretical development and practical application of various structural optimisation techniques. These techniques have been used by thousands of engineers and architects around the world to design innovative buildings and bridges and to create novel microstructures of materials and composites.

CISM researchers have been awarded a large number of major grants by the Australian Research Council, including the prestigious Laureate Fellowship, the Future Fellowship and several Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA). Financial support to the research team has also been provided by various companies such as Arup, Boeing and Aurecon.

Research at the CISM focuses on several core areas, including: 

  • Shape and topology optimisation of structures for a wide range of applications

  • Novel structural designs for free-form architecture

  • Additive manufacturing and robotic fabrication of complex-shaped structures

  • Design of metamaterials and composites for exceptional mechanical properties

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