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Selected publications by members of the CISM since 2010 are given below. If you are unable to obtain a copy from your library or the Internet, you may contact us by emailing


1. Topology optimization of binary microstructures.jpg

Topology optimization of binary microstructures involving various non-volume constraints

R Sivapuram, R Picelli, YM Xie

Computational Materials Science 154, 405-425, 2018


Optimal design and modeling of gyroid-based functionally graded cellular structures for additive manufacturing

D Li, W Liao, N Dai, G Dong, Y Tang, YM Xie

Computer-Aided Design 104, 87-99, 2018

3. On the internal architecture of emergent plants.jpg

On the internal architecture of emergent plants

ZL Zhao, S Zhou, XQ Feng, YM Xie

Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 119, 224-239, 2018

4. Shell buckling from morphogenesis of soft matter.jpg

Shell buckling: from morphogenesis of soft matter to prospective applications

S Lin, YM Xie, Q Li, X Huang, Z Zhang, G Ma, S Zhou

Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 13 (5), 051001, 2018

5. Ameba A new toplogy optimization tool.PNG

Ameba: A new topology optimization tool for architectural design

Q Zhou, W Shen, J Wang, YY Zhou, YM Xie

Proceedings of IASS Annual Symposia 2018


Structural and architectural evaluation of Chinese rainbow bridge and related bridge types using BESO method

X Meng, Q Zhou, W Shen, YM Xie

Proceedings of IASS Annual Symposia 2018


Impact behaviour of plate-like assemblies made of new and existing interlocking bricks: A comparative study

A Rezaee Javan, H Seifi, S Xu, X Lin, YM Xie

International Journal of Impact Engineering 116, 79-93, 2018


Robust topology optimization for continuum structures with random loads

J Liu, G Wen, Q Qing, F Li, YM Xie

Engineering Computations 35(9), 2018

10. Buckling-induced assembly of 3D tunable metamaterials.jpg

Buckling‐induced assembly of three‐dimensional tunable metamaterials

S Zhou, YM Xie, S Lin, XQ Feng, Q Li

Physica Status Solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 12 (4), 1700420, 2018

11. Design optimization and additive manufacturing of nodes.jpg

Design optimization and additive manufacturing of nodes in gridshell structures

H Seifi, AR Javan, S Xu, Y Zhao, YM Xie

Engineering Structures 160, 161-170, 2018

12. Bi-directional evolutionary structural optimization.jpg

Bi-directional evolutionary structural optimization on advanced structures and materials: a comprehensive review

L Xia, Q Xia, X Huang, YM Xie

Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering 25 (2), 437-478, 2018

13. Designing novel structures with hierarchically.jpg

Designing novel structures with hierarchically synchronized deformations

D Lu, YF Li, H Seifi, S Zhou, ZL Zhao, YM Xie

Extreme Mechanics Letters 19, 1-6, 2018


Design and characterisation of a tuneable 3D buckling-induced auxetic metamaterial

X Ren, J Shen, P Tran, TD Ngo, YM Xie

Materials & Design 139, 336-342, 2018

15. Multi-objective optimization of multi-cell tubes.jpg

Multi-objective optimization of multi-cell tubes with origami patterns for energy absorption

K Yang, S Xu, S Zhou, YM Xie

Thin-Walled Structures 123, 100-113, 2018

16. Auxetic metamaterials and structures.jpg

Auxetic metamaterials and structures: a review

X Ren, R Das, P Tran, TD Ngo, YM Xie

Smart materials and structures 27 (2), 023001, 2018

17. Auxetic nail design and experimental study.jpg

Auxetic nail: design and experimental study

X Ren, J Shen, P Tran, TD Ngo, YM Xie

Composite Structures 184, 288-298, 2018

18. Mechanical behaviour of a creased thin strip.jpg

Mechanical behaviour of a creased thin strip

J Liu, S Xu, G Wen, YM Xie

Mechanical Sciences 9 (1), 91, 2018

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