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Selected publications by members of the CISM since 2010 are given below. If you are unable to obtain a copy from your library or the Internet, you may contact us by emailing


24. AI-aided design and multi-scale optimization.jpg

AI-aided design and multi-scale optimization of mechanical metastructures with controllable anisotropy

Z Ji, D Li, C Zhang, YM Xie, W Liao

Engineering Structures, Vol 310, 118134, 2024

22. A non-uniform rational B-splines (NURBS).jpg

A non-uniform rational B-splines (NURBS) based optimization method for fiber path design

X Zhang, YM Xie, C Wang, H Li, S Zhou

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol 425, 116963, 2024

23. 3D compression-twist lattice metamaterials.jpg

3D compression-twist lattice metamaterials for surface reconfigurability of future architecture

H Yan, Y Zhang, XC Teng, WZ Jiang, YM Xie, WW Wu, WQ Chen, CZ Zhang, X Ren

Composite Structures, Vol 337, 118075, 2024

21. Clustering and optimization of nodes beams and panels.jpg

Clustering and optimization of nodes, beams and panels for cost-effective fabrication of free-form surfaces

M Bi, Y Liu, T Xu, Y He, J Ma, Z Zhuang, YM Xie

Engineering Structures, Vol 307, 117912, 2024

20. An efficient and robust shape optimization framework.jpg

An efficient and robust shape optimization framework for gridshell designs based on node shifting method

C Ding, Y Zhao, J Ye, Z Wang, H Tang, YM Xie

Structures, Vol 62, 106209, 2024

19. Sustainable use of ultrafine recycled glass.jpg

Sustainable use of ultrafine recycled glass in additive manufactured (3D printed) reactive powder concrete

Y Zhou, H Luo, K Anand, A Singh, YM Xie

Construction and Building Materials, Vol 419, 135556, 2024

17. A gradient-evolutionary coupled topology.jpg

A gradient-evolutionary coupled topology optimization for sheet reinforcement based on the mechanics of Voronoi pattern on dragonfly wings

S Lin, N Chou, G Li, DW Bao, Y Cai, YM Xie, G Wang

Advances in Engineering Software, Vol 190, 103600, 2024

18. Design optimisation of structures.jpg

Design optimisation of structures made of a small number of prescribed building blocks

H Lu, T-U Lee, J Ma, YM Xie

Engineering Structures, Vol 304, 117686, 2024

16. Automated shotcrete A more sustainable construction technology.jpg

Automated shotcrete: A more sustainable construction technology

G Isaac, P Nicholas, G Paul, N Pietroni, T Vidal Calleja, M Xie, T Schork

Sustainable Engineering, 331–345, 2024, IS Dunmade et al. (eds.), Springer

15. Extended finite element multiscale.jpg

Extended finite element multiscale modelling for crack propagation in 3d-printed fibre-reinforced concrete

V Nguyen-Van, P Tran, J Liu, MV Tran, YM Xie

Additive Manufacturing, Vol 81, 104019, 2024

13. Archimedean spiral channel-based acoustic.jpg

Archimedean spiral channel-based acoustic metasurfaces suppressing wide-band low-frequency noise at a deep subwavelength

X Yang, G Wen, L Jian, C Lin, J He, R Sedaghati, S Huang, J Liu, YM Xie

Materials & Design, Vol 238, 112703, 2024

12. Enhanced mechanical properties of re-entrant.jpg

Enhanced mechanical properties of re-entrant auxetic honeycomb with self-similar inclusion

Z Chen, J Li, B Wu, X Chen, YM Xie

Composite Structures, Vol 331, 117921, 2024

11. Crushing performance of bioinspired.jpg

Crushing performance of bioinspired hierarchical tapered structures

X Xiang, C Xiao, G Lu, YM Xie, M Zhu, NS Ha

Materials & Design, Vol 238, 112611, 2024

6. Design and construction of catenary-rules surfaces.jpg

Design and construction of catenary-ruled surfaces

Z Li, T-U Lee, N Pietroni, R Snooks, YM Xie

Structures, Vol 59, 105755, 2024

7. Energy absorption of a bio-inspired.jpg

Energy absorption of a bio-inspired cylindrical sandwich structure

NS Ha, T-U Lee, J Ma, J Li, YM Xie

Thin-Walled Structures, Vol 195, 111378, 2024

8. A self-adapting woven net trap based.jpg

A self-adapting woven net trap based on the evolution mechanism of orb-web topology

S Lin, N Chou, G Li, DW Bao, G Wang, YM Xie

Acta Biomaterialia, Vol 173, 217230, 2024

4. Design of optimal truss components.jpg

Design of optimal truss components for fabrication via multi-axis additive manufacturing

H Lu, L He, M Gilbert, F Gilardi, J Ye

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol 418, 116464, 2024

5. Layout and geometry optimization.jpg

Layout and geometry optimization design for 3D printing of self-supporting structures

J Ye, X Lin, H Lu, H Shen, Z Wang, Y Zhao

Structures, Vol 59, 105699, 2024

3. A node moving-based structural topology.jpg

A node moving-based structural topology optimization method in the body-fitted mesh

Z Zhuang, Y Weng, YM Xie, C Wang, X Zhang, S Zhou

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol 419, 116663, 2024

1. Reducing the number of different faces.jpg

Reducing the number of different faces in free-form surface approximations through clustering and optimization

Y Liu, T-U Lee, A Rezaee Javan, N Pietroni, YM Xie

Computer-Aided Design, Vol 166, 103633, 2024

2. Strength design of porous materials.jpg

Strength design of porous materials using B-spline based level set method

C Wang, YM Xie, Z Zhuang, X Zhang, S Zhou

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol 418, 116490, 2024

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