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Selected publications by members of the CISM are given below. If you are unable to obtain a copy from your library or the Internet, you may contact us by emailing

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11. Detail control strategies for topology optimization.jpg



Experimental and computational investigations of novel 3D printed square tubular lattice metamaterials with negative Poisson’s ratio

D Han, X Ren, C Luo, Y Zhang, XY Zhang, XG Zhang, W Jiang, J Hao, YM Xie

Additive Manufacturing, Vol 55, 102789, 2022

A novel auxetic metamaterial with enhanced mechanical properties and tunable auxeticity

XY Zhang, X Ren, Y Zhang, YM Xie

Thin-Walled Structures, Vol. 174, 109162, 2022

Ballistic performance of a lightweight nacre-inspired armour panel – a numerical study

A Ghazlan, T Ngo, P Tan, P Tran, K Nazari, YM Xie

Composites Part C: Open Access 8, 100259, 2022

Dividing a sphere hierarchically into a large number of spherical pentagons using equal area or equal length optimization

TU Lee, Y Liu, YM Xie

Computer-Aided Design, 148, 1-19, 103259, 2022

A nodal-based evolutionary optimization algorithm for frame structures

X Zhang, YM Xie, S Shou

Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 1-19, 2022

Globally continuous hybrid path for extrusion-based additive manufacturing

L Xia, G Ma, F Wang, G Bai, YM Xie, W Xu, J Xiao

Automation in Construction, Vol. 137, 104175, 2022

Detail control strategies for topology optimization in architectural design and development

X Yan, D Bao, Y Zhou, YM Xie, T Cui

Frontiers of Architectural Research 11, 340-356, 2022

Manufacturing, characteristics and applications of auxetic foams: A state-of-the-art review

W Jiang, X Ren, SL Wang, XG Zhang, XY Zhang, C Luo, YM Xie, F Scarpa, A Alderson, KE. Evans

Composites Part B: Engineering, Vol 235, 109733, 2022




Mechanical properties of foam-filled hexagonal and re-entrant honeycombs under uniaxial compression

HC Luo, X Ren, Y Zhang, XY Zhang, XG Zhang, C Luo, X Cheng, YM Xie

Composite Structures, Vol. 280, 114922, 2022




Mechanical properties of foam-filled auxetic circular tubes: Experimental and numerical study

X Ren, Y Zhang, CZ Han, D Han, XY Zhang, XG Zhang, YM Xie

Thin-Walled Structures, Vol. 170, 108584, 2022




A novel auxetic chiral lattice composite: Experimental and numerical study

XG Zhang, X Ren, W Jiang, XY Zhang, C Luo, Y Zhang, YM Xie

Composite Structures, Vol. 282, 115043, 2022




Structural topology optimization with an adaptive design domain

Y Rong, ZL Zhao, XQ Feng, YM Xie

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol 389, 114382, 2022




Design and analysis of an auxetic metamaterial with tuneable stiffness

Y Zhang, L Sun, X Ren, XY Zhang, Z Tao, YM Xie

Composite Structures, Vol 281, 114997, 2022




Mechanical properties of concrete composites with auxetic single and layered honeycomb structures

R Zhong, X Ren, XY Zhang, C Luo, Y Zhang, YM Xie

Construction and Building Materials, Vol 322, 126453, 2022




Digital Manufacturing for Earth Construction: A Critical Review

M Gomaa, W Jabi, V Soebarto, YM Xie

Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol 338, 130630, 2022




A review of formwork systems for modern concrete construction

W Li, X Lin, DW Bao, YM Xie

Structures, Vol 38, 52-63, 2022




Static and dynamic properties of a perforated metallic auxetic metamaterial with tunable stiffness and energy absorption

Y Zhang, X Ren, D Han, X Cheng, W Jiang, XG Zhang, XY Zhang, YM Xie

International Journal of Impact Engineering, Vol 164, 104193, 2022

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